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Are You Fed Up With Your Pain Status Quo?

If you want to reduce pain and improve energy, mobility, and other symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic illness, or chronic pain, you are warmly invited to join the Movement Toward Health program this September.

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Movement Toward Health Membership
enrollment is now OPEN

Join this unique training program that helps you awaken your inner healer, and build your knowledge and skills so you can reverse the vicious cycles that worsen your pain, immobility, fatigue, and other symptoms, so you can take your life back and live fully again.

The program is led by Andrew David Shiller, MD.


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"During 35 years' studying and practicing integrative medicine, I've identified key skills and processes that empower my patients so they can make the most of their conventional or functional medical care. This course offers the training process that I want for each of my patients."

--Andrew David Shiller, MD

"When I came to Dr. Shiller's program Movement Toward Health I was stuck. I couldn't use my leg because of weakness and stiffness. I was overwhelmed with fatigue and felt hopeless.  The MTH program...has helped build my strength. When I get up in the morning, I make sure to do the exercises and I feel like a different person the whole rest of the day. I feel like it has been life-changing for me."

"After years of conventional medicine just not meeting the mark in helping me on my autoimmune journey I stumbled, gratefully, on Dr. Shiller's mind-body community.  In Movement Toward Health, Dr. Shiller's teaching has been great. His mindfulness techniques are practical and extremely helpful as well as his ability to make physical changes through body movements are another wonderful tool he uses." 

If you want to reduce pain and improve energy, mobility, and other symptoms of fibromyalgia, chronic illness, or chronic pain, I want to welcome you to my program this September.

Most likely your needs have not been met by the conventional health care system - you'd be surprised how many others have experienced the same.

We know that your body-mind system is an intelligent self-healing machine. Your healing capacity is rooted in the wholeness of your integrated being.  But conventional medicine doesn't recognize that, and the usual symptomatic treatments don't support healing.

To fill the gap left by conventional medicine, I created Movement Toward Health for You.  It's step by step training to teach you skills to reclaim your inner healing intelligence and well-being. 

So you can heal for real. 
Enrolment is open! Click to join the Membership today!

"I was dealing with pain, fatigue, difficulty moving, and anxiety. Movement Towards Health was very helpful for me. There is a cumulative effect of the meditations... I experience more clarity and serenity. I did the exercises...and felt energized. I think anyone doing these exercises would get stronger." 

MINDSET - develop healing-warrior skills and gain support to transform the challenges - you know that healing is in your hands - this level of determination is what will enable me to truly help you.

CONSCIOUSNESS - this goes beyond mindfulness -Your body, emotions, mind and soul are one unit. Trauma, pain, and suffering cause fragmentation. Regain the integration as your build the awareness, will, and skill to  power your healing and mobility.

BREATHWORK - your breathing integrates with every bit of your biology. Learn to mobilize the power of your breathing to modulate stress, enhance energy, transform emotional pain, and empower physical movement - once you start to respect it you'll notice the impact.

MOVEMENT - Physical therapy and gym workouts often fail because they don't acknowledge the protective responses that worsen pain and limit motion. Enter internal exercise, or  mindful movement - dissolve unhealthy protective responses, mobilize your physical and energy body with movement patterns inspired by qi-gong, yoga, tai-chi and osteopathy.  This works, no matter your pain level or your flexibility. 

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"When I started Movement Towards Health, I was literally struggling with getting out of bed and the crazy amount of pain. The course got me mobile, and I learned updated data on pain and stress.
I benefited from the focus on being gentle and kind to your body through thoughts, speaking, touching, and moving."

Want To Feel Better And Move Better?

This is not a "quick fix or miracle cure".  Healing takes work. Movement Toward Health is for you if you want to develop your well-being, vitality, and functional ability.  These are techniques proven to reduce the toxic biology of stress and pain, cut through negative emotion, and improve your freedom-of-movement, balance and strength. You can enhance the healing capacity of your body-mind system.

What is Mindful Movement?

This is the heart of the program. It's about learning a totally new and different way of moving. Forget "no pain, no gain". This is about finding ease and joy in movement. Regardless of your level of function, you can learn to start mobilizing your tissues, muscles, joints, and nerves. We learn to pay close attention to the body as it moves, and bring a relaxed, loving, happy intention to movement. We syncronize breathing and movement in a relaxed way to turns off protective reflexes and tissue restriction. We start to feel energy moving through the body and it enables freedom of motion. Increase flexibility, mobility, and energy. Build endurance according to your level of ability.

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"My major symptoms before Movement Toward Health were lack of energy, anxiety, and weakness. The meditations calmed my anxiety. And the MTH exercises did good things that were sorely missed in other PT modalities, and I have been through 6 years of regular repetitive PT! This has helped me to stabilize my hips and legs in a way to prevent future falls. I feel more secure on my feet. I got to the point where I could get back in the pool and also do more walking. That was so freeing in terms of shopping and other chores. I was out in the world again, meeting new people. 

The Movement Toward Health Program provides the crucial skills that most physical therapy and gym exercise neglect. We focus on mindful movement together with training in breathwork, energy awareness, and consciousness.

As an Early Access Member, you will have a unique opportunity to shape the development of the program. So the program evolves to serve your needs, and the needs of future participants.

I’m so excited to support you!

Choose from three levels of membership to suit your interests and your budget. You can switch between levels at any time.  Read below for details.

The Movement Toward Health Curriculum provides organised, progressive training in a carefully-chosen suite of self-healing exercises that have been proven to reduce pain, normalize immune responses, balance the autonomic nervous system (aka reduce stress), improve emotional self-regulation, and enhance mobility and balance, for people at all levels of physical functioning.

You will be guided to develop a healing mindset, and develop skills in  mindfulness, breathwork, and mindful movement. Movement training is inspired by the same biological principles as rehabilitation science, Osteopathy, Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Kung, etc. Didactic sessions help you understand the processes that lead to pain and disease, as well as the healing processes that lead to recovery.  The curriculum is based on Dr. Shiller's nearly 3 decades of experience caring for thousands of people with chronic pain and chronic illness.

Membership Enrolment is NOW OPEN

Become a founding member today and lock in these incredible prices for life.

Please Click Here to watch a 7-minute video from Dr Shiller before you choose an enrollment level from the three below.

Level 1: Online Recorded Program


Upgrade available for community and live class access

You will have access to the foundational curriculum, as well as recordings of all updated content and bi-weekly live sessions as they become available. Easily upgrade for access to the live sessions, and/or access to the online learning community.

Annual discounts available when you checkout.


Online Recorded Level 2: Program
+ Community Support


Peer Support & Group Discussion

Everything in Level 1, plus online learning community. 

The learning community will be a wonderful context to learn along with your fellow learners. It is a private gated community, and not on Facebook.

Interact with a warm and engaging group of fellow travelers. Find a study-buddy if you want. Learn from the questions and challenges faced by others. Develop your own strength and skill as you share your wisdom and insight.

Q&A and topic threads will be moderated by Dr Shiller and his team.

Your feedback in the forum will not only enhance your learning, but enable you to help shape the program so that it better fits your needs, and the needs of future members.

Semi-Annual discounts available at checkout.


Level 3: Live Program
+Recorded Program
+Community Support


Full Program Experience

Everything in Level 2, plus the live classes.

This is the full immersion for those who want to get the most out of the program.

Bi-weekly live sessions with Dr Shiller on Zoom provide didactics, skills training, and Q&A in a warm and engaging atmosphere.

Interact more closely with Dr Shiller and fellow students in the live sessions and via the online Circle community.  You also get access to recordings of all the core curriculum and live sessions. 

This is the "inner circle" option with the greatest amount of contact and interaction with Dr Shiller and the live session community. This option is likely to be most impactful and best value, for people who want to jump in to the full experience.


About The Program's Content and Method

Progressive training in gentle but challenging movements, mindset, breathwork, and mindfulness, that anyone can do.

Structured curriculum so you can start where you are and grow from there.

Expert guidance. Recordings for home practice. Supportive warm community. Live training and Q&A.

"I joined Movement Toward Health to deal with chronic pain from nerve damage in my foot for around 30 years. I'm learning skills to cope like I never had before. I learned to meditate and calm myself down. I feel like I'm calmer and not as anxious, especially on difficult days. I felt very supported in the learning.  So I don't get sucked into the spiral of anxiety and fear. I'm a happier person."

About Your Instructor

I'm a Harvard trained medical doctor who is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In parallel to scientific and medical training at MIT, Duke, and Harvard, I learned natural healing during 35 years and thousands of hours of personal experience and practice in meditation and movement arts, fellowship training in integrative medicine at the University of Maryland, and apprencing and practicing traditional and biodynamic osteopathic manual medicine. I've been sharing these healing processes in over 40,000 patient encounters over the last 25 years.

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